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In compliance with Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and e-Commerce, the User is hereby informed that the owner of the website (hereinafter, the “Website”) is MEDIR FERRER Y CIA, S.A. (hereinafter, “MEDIR FERRER”), whose details are as follows:

  • Registered address: Avenida Diagonal, nº 549, 5ª Planta, 08029, Barcelona (Spain)
  • CIF: A08161192
  • Companies registry details: Companies Registry of Barcelona, Volume 23657, Folio 17, Sheet Number B-59752, entry 27

The term “User” includes any person who accesses the Website, whether directly or from any other site on the Internet.

The User may make any enquiries by sending a letter to the above postal address, by calling (+34) 935053550 or by sending an email to

1. Website access and functionality

The Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions of Use govern the access and use of the Website by the Users, whose purpose is to make known and feature industrial raw materials. Its access is free of charge and does not require Users to register in order to be able to access its content.

2. Use of the Website

The Users undertake to make proper use of the contents on the Website, namely, they must:

  1. Provide true, accurate information in respect of that requested on the various forms in the Website and keep them updated whenever they use it.
  2. Not engage in activities that are unlawful, illegal or in breach of good faith and public policy.
  3. Not disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic or discriminatory nature on the basis of race, gender, ideology, religion or in any other manner that goes against morality, public order, fundamental rights, civil liberties, the reputation, privacy or image of third parties and, in general, the laws in force.
  4. Not cause damage to the Website’s hardware or software, nor that of MEDIR FERRER’s suppliers or other third parties, nor introduce or spread computer viruses to the network or to any other hardware or software that may cause any such damage.
  5. Not use the contents or information on the Website to post advertisements or to send messages for any other marketing purpose, nor collect or store the personal data of third parties.
  6. Not attempt to access or otherwise use the email accounts of other users, or to modify or manipulate their messages.

MEDIR FERRER reserves the right to make any amendments it deems fit to its Website without prior notice, whereby it may change, delete or add both contents and services that are provided on it, as well as the way they are presented or the place they are found on the Website. Therefore, we recommend that the User regularly accesses and reads this Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions of Use.

3. Liabilities

a) Liability for the use of the Website. The User is solely liable for any breaches that may be incurred or for any damages caused by using the Website, whereby MEDIR FERRER shall be released of all liabilities that may arise from the User’s actions.

MEDIR FERRER shall make every endeavour and employ all reasonable means to provide updated, reliable information on the Website. However, MEDIR FERRER assumes no responsibility whatsoever in respect of any errors or possible inaccuracies and/or omissions in any of the contents posted on this Website.

The User is solely liable for any claim or legal, court or out-of-court action lodged by third parties against MEDIR FERRER as a result of the User using the Website. In such cases, the User shall cover all expenses, costs and indemnities that may be imposed on MEDIR FERRER as a result of such claims and legal actions.

b) Liability for the Website’s functionality. MEDIR FERRER declines all liability that may arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone outages or disconnections in the electronic system’s operational functionality.

All liability is likewise declined that may arise from delays or crashes in the electronic system’s operational functionality caused by outages or overloads on telephone lines or on the Internet, as well as for any damages caused by third parties through unlawful interference beyond the control of MEDIR FERRER. MEDIR FERRER shall be entitled to temporarily suspend access to the Website without prior warning due to maintenance work, repairs, updates or improvements.

c) Liability for content. MEDIR FERRER may not be held liable, except as provided for by law, for damages arising from the use, reproduction, distribution or public disclosure or any type of activity carried out with texts and/or photographs owned by third parties that are protected by intellectual property rights that the User uploads without prior authorisation for their use or intended use to be made of them.

Furthermore, MEDIR FERRER may not be held liable for the information submitted by the User if it is not actually aware that the information stored is illegal or violates the ownership or rights of third parties that may be subject to indemnity. Whenever MEDIR FERRER becomes aware that it has posted information such as that described above, it undertakes to act expeditiously to remove or block all access thereto.

In any event, to lodge any claim related to the contents uploaded to any of the Website’s sections, Users may do so by addressing MEDIR FERRER through the contact details posted on this Website.

4. Third-party links

a) External links. Any third parties that have the intention of posting a link on their website to this one must comply with the laws in force and may not store contents that are inappropriate and/or unlawful. Under no circumstances shall MEDIR FERRER assume liability for third-party content, not shall it promote, endorse, supervise or recommend such contents. Should an external link breach any of the above matters FERRER shall be obliged to immediately delete the link.

b) Internal links. This Website may post links to third-party websites that enable the User to access them. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MEDIR FERRER assumes no liability whatsoever for the content of these third-party websites, whereby the User shall be responsible for accepting and verifying access to them whenever they are used. This Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions of Use only applies to this Website and its contents, but not to third-party links or websites accessible through this Website.

All such links and posts do not imply that MEDIR FERRER supports, approves, markets or has any relationship with the persons or entities that own the website on which they are found.

5. Intellectual and industrial property rights on the contents

All contents on the Website, unless stated otherwise, are the exclusive property of MEDIR FERRER or its subsidiaries including, by way of example but not limited to, the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, pictures, illustrations, photographs and other materials that appear on the Website. Likewise, all trade names, trademarks and distinguishing marks of any other type posted in the Website are protected by Law.

MEDIR FERRER does not grant the User any licence or authorisation to make any personal use whatsoever of its intellectual and industrial property rights or of any other right related to its Website and the services provided on it.

Therefore, the User acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, sale, transformation and, in general, any other form of exploitation, through whatsoever procedure, of all or part of the contents of this Website constitutes a violation of the intellectual and/or industrial rights of MEDIR FERRER or the holders thereof.

6. Advertising

Advertising and sponsorship contents may be posted on this Website. The advertisers and sponsors are solely liable for ensuring that materials submitted for inclusion on the Website comply with the laws that may apply in each case.

MEDIR FERRER may not be held liable for any error, inaccurate or false information that may be included in the content of sponsors’ advertisements. In any event, to lodge any claim related to the advertising contents posted on this Website, Users may contact FERRER using the contact details first sated above.

7. Processing of personal data and cookies

To find out how MEDIR FERRER shall process the personal data collected from this Website, please see the Privacy Policy. Please read this legal text carefully before using this Website. In respect of the use of cookies and similar technologies on this Website, please see the Cookies Policy.

8. Governing law

This Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions of use shall be governed and interpreted according to Spanish law.

For the resolution of any disputes that may arise from accessing this Website, the parties shall submit to the courts and tribunals in the User’s place of residence.

MEDIR FERRER shall prosecute any breach of this Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions, of Use, as well as any improper use made of the Website, whereby it shall take all civil and criminal actions to which it may have recourse.

9. Contact

For any enquiries or comments on this Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions of Use, Users may contact us via email at

Last review: March 2022