To our customers

Our customer is the center of our service and the reason why we work as a team to offer an integral service. We offer our advice on the development of the final product.

Specialized sales team

Our team stands out for its extensive technical training, deep knowledge of products and their applications, and extensive experience in the industry.

We are proactive, decisive and we have an outstanding vocation for service. We listen to you, we adapt to your needs in each new project to achieve practical and strategic solutions. We make your life easier and your smile at the end of the way is our best reward.

New challenges in the industry, new applications, new products or improvements in already known products. The world of industry evolves and we with it.

We are constantly training and updating in order to be prepared to offer you the best possible solution and to help you stay up-to-date as well.

Long-term relationships

Your challenges are our challenges and we are very self-demanding. We dedicate all our firmness, human quality and conviction to building a relationship of trust and consolidating a long-term collaboration.

We engage in continuous mutual improvement, which allows us to grow together and develop.

We have no customers; we feel like partners in the development and success of each project, as we are united by our passion for the industry.

Through efficiency and fluid communication we advance towards new goals and future strategies.

Wide products range and leader producers

We have an extensive range of products, with synergies between them, which allow us to provide comprehensive solutions to different projects and optimize transport costs.

We distribute from raw materials to specialties, in order to provide added value and take advantage of the synergies between the different fields.

We work with producers of recognized prestige in their field, guaranteeing the quality, traceability and security that the industry requires.

Our suppliers are constantly developing new products, in line with the evolution of market trends, with sustainability and with care for the environment.

We offer a total integration between products of the highest quality, cutting-edge solutions, expert advice and service with the highest levels of demand.


Our own logistics center

We have our own storage and distribution facilities, where we control the entire order management process.

The strategic location of our Logistics Center, its services and our highly qualified staff allow us to deliver products in minimum terms, optimal conditions and adapted to the specific requirements of each client.

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We help you in the process of creating and developing your industrial project.