To our suppliers

We put all our experience in the Spanish market and our technical knowledge at the service of our suppliers. We grasp their idiosyncrasy and pass it on with enthusiasm.

Solid company

Almost 150 years of experience and presence in the Spanish market confirms us as a solvent and prestigious company.

Customers from all sectors and leading companies in the industrial sector continue to trust our professionalism and our value proposition made up of products, services, transport and logistics.

We are part of Ferrer, pharmaceutical company, with which we share, among many other things, the focus on caring for people, concern for constant improvement, respect for the environment and also for the social good, channeled through multiple foundational initiatives.

We are driven by a commercial culture of market leadership. Not conforming to our status quo and working to reinforce our product range is part of our strategy for growth and increased quality of service.

Sales team and market knowledge

Our team has extensive technical knowledge and extensive experience, which allows us to guarantee rapid absorption of information and optimal representation.

We offer improvement proposals that facilitate our introduction into the industrial sector.

We provide a deep knowledge of the Spanish, Portuguese and part of North Africa markets, as well as a wide portfolio of customers with whom we work at the highest level to correspond to their trust and loyalty.

Commitment and passion

We offer the highest level of commitment and passion to our suppliers; we also offer our adaptability and full transparency with the aim of building long-term relationships on a mutual trust basis.

We adapt ourselves and act as an extension of our suppliers, respecting their values, internalizing their knowledge on products and representing their brands the only way we know: as if they were ours.


Our own logistics center

We have our own large premises for storage and distribution.

The strategic location of our logistics center, its services and our highly qualified staff allow us to deliver the goods in minimum terms, optimal conditions and adapted to the specific requirements of each customer.

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We are not distribution agents, we are ambassadors